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Craft infectious rhythms & electronic beats with synths, drum machines and software. Come dive into the electro world and enjoy the creative pulse of beat making.

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Embrace the art and science of music production. Join us in unlocking the secrets of studio magic, sound engineering & this vast audio soundscape.

Your source for sonic exploration

Drumming, beat making and music production

Welcome to this beat-driven haven where drumming enthusiasts, beat makers and sound designers unite to explore the rhythmic wonders of music making. Delve into the history of drumming, find gear reviews to help you pick the perfect sticks and step by step guides to unpack the electrifying world of beats.

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The beat begins: A drummer's odyssey

From the garage to the stage

Drumtronix isn’t just a website; it’s a rhythmic odyssey that began in the garage, jamming with friends, experimenting with beats and losing myself in the immersive world of drumming. Every beat, every rhythm and every drum fill became a stepping stone, paving the way for the creation of a platform where others could embark on their own sonic adventures.

"When you are drumming and really feeling the music, the beat, it is like you are transported to a different place, where you feel so exhilarated and calm through your whole body"
~ Mickey Hart

Who's the best drummer of all time

Dave Grohl Foo Fighters Nirvana drummer

Dave Grohl

Nirvana; Foo Fighters

Sheila E Queen of Percussion

Sheila E.

Queen of Percussion

Ringo Starr Drummer for the Beatles

Ringo Starr

The Beatles

"Drumming is my middle name"
~ Ringo Starr

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How to run backing tracks live

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Best shoes for drumming

Best shoes for drumming

What are the best shoes for drumming? Can you drum with bare feet? Does it even matter? It sure does! Find out in this comprehensive article. Here's 7 factors to consider & the best drumming shoes around...

Drums 101 different types of drums

Drums 101: Types of drums

In this guide, we've put together 10 of the most popular drums. You'll learn about various types of hand drums & African drums also. We take you around the world to learn about drums. Let's get started...

"You only get better by playing" ~ Buddy Rich

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