Best Beginner Drum Set: 5 choices for learning

So you’ve decided to learn drums?

Great choice!

They’re the backbone to bands and you’ll pick up the rhythm to everything you listen to without a sweat.

Now comes the hard part…

Choosing the best beginner drum set you can afford…

Luckily for you, it’s not going to be too tough with our helpful guide.

Some Great Beginner Drum Sets

You will find some superb drum sets on the market that are perfectly designed for beginners.

So, let’s take a look at some of the top ones:

Rise by Sawtooth Full Size Student Drum Set

Rise by Sawtooth Student Drum Set

This is a full-size drum set, and while it is not the cheapest one out there, it has everything you need as a student or beginner drummer.

It is available in a range of colors, and it has received many great reviews from consumers. The configuration includes a bass drum, Tom Tom drums, a floor Tom Tom drum, and a snare drum. Cymbals and all accessories are also included.

The drum set is a robust one that is designed to last and produces excellent sound.

For those who are serious about learning to play the drums, this is a very good choice as it is a good, solid drum set that is ideal for learning, practicing, and continuing to use later on down the line.  

Verdict: More expensive than some but boasts excellent quality and robust build.

PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set

PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set

Those who live in a household with other people may be keen to learn how to play drums on an electronic set.

This is because they can then control volume and even use headphones to avoid disrupting others. Well, if you are eager to learn on an electronic set, the PAXCESS set could be perfect for you.

It comes at a very reasonable price and has hundreds of excellent ratings from those who have already purchased it.

You can look forward to the sound and feel or real drums for an authentic experience, and you can use it at any time of the day or night thanks to the ability to control the volume.

It is a very sturdy set that offers a host of great features to enhance the experience of players. It is also a great choice for younger aspiring drummers who want to learn the ropes.

Verdict: Great value drum set, and ideal for those who live in larger households.

Mendini By Cecilio Kids Drum Set

Mendini by Cecilio Junior Drum Set

Many younger people develop an interest in music and playing the drums when they reach their junior years.

Fortunately, there are some great drum sets available catering to the younger age group, with Mendini by Cecilio being a great option.

This is a 13-inch 3-piece drum set that comes at a very affordable price and is available in a range of colors.

The drum set includes the throne, cymbal, pedal, drumsticks, and three drums. This includes the base drum, a mount Tom, and a mounted snare.

Assembling the drum set is simple, and junior drummers can then look forward to getting practice in whenever they wish.

The set has a huge number of excellent reviews, and it represents great value for money given the quality and robust design.

Verdict: A great value set with excellent reviews, ideal for junior drummers.

Drum Set Eastar 22 inch Drum Set

Eastar Full Size Drum Set Kit

Suited to both junior and adult beginners, the Eastar full-size drum set is an affordable, high-quality drum kit that has everything you need to learn and play drums.

This set is also suitable for intermediate drummers, so you can continue to use it even after you have developed your drumming skills and confidence.

Providing excellent performance and sound, the drum set is designed with quality in mind, so you can look forward to years of great sound from the product.

It comes with everything you need to learn and enjoy playing drums, and if you are already in a band you will find that this full drum set will suit your needs perfectly.

Verdict: A reasonably priced drum set that is designed to last, great for learners and intermediate players.

Choosing the best drum set for beginners

Best beginner drum set

When buying a drum kit for beginners, there are various factors you need to consider in order to help you to make your choice. Some of the main ones are:  

The cost 

It is important to look at the cost of the drum set to see whether it is something that you can realistically afford. Remember, higher quality kits will come at a more expensive price.

What is included

Make sure you look at exactly what is included as part of the kit before you decide. Also, look at any special features of the kit to determine suitability. 

Acoustic or electric

You need to determine whether you want to learn on an acoustic or electric drum set. This is down to personal preference as well as budget. 


Take time to look at online reviews of the kit you are considering. You can then make a more informed decision about the right one for your needs. 

People Also Ask…

Is it best to learn drums on an electronic kit?

This is down to personal preference. Electronic drum sets have a headphone jack and can be turned up and down, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing others when practicing.

However, some people want the authenticity of an acoustic kit when learning how to play.

Why are drums so expensive?

The cost of these kits can vary, and some are more expensive than others. This can be down to the quality, the design and finish of the kit, and any additional features.

If you want to invest in quality, you will generally have to pay a little more.

What should I look for in a drum kit?

There are various things that need to be included in a drum set. This includes the drum shells, cymbals and stands, the drum pedal, the drumsticks, and a throne.

You should ensure the kit has all these things, and then consider the price and quality as part of your selection process.

The Bottom Line

With so many drum kits to choose from, you should be able to find the ideal one to learn on.

Remember, choosing the best beginner drum set is only part of the battle, practising and playing often is important!

You can then look forward to developing your drumming skills and being able to express yourself through music.

Just make sure you consider not only what you can afford but also the suitability and quality of the beginner drum set you buy.

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