Find the Perfect Locking Tuners for Your Needs

What’s the sound? Urgh, it’s an out of tune guitar.

If you’re playing a gig, recording at a studio or even rehearsing you’ll be no stranger to how often you have to tune up.

While tuning up regularly is the usual solution to this problem there is a way to keep your guitars in tune for longer.


Grab the best locking tuners.

In this article, we will provide some tips on finding the best locking tuners.

4 of the Best Locking Tuners to consider

From Fender locking tuners to Guyker options, there are plenty of locking guitar tuners to choose from these days.

This makes it easier for you to find the best guitar tuning pegs for your instrument.

You need to ensure you look at all the features of guitar tuning machines in addition to factors such as cost, and this will help to ensure you make the right choices.

Some of the top options are:

Fender Locking Tuners

1. Fender Locking Tuners

Fender locking tuners have a solid reputation and you can benefit from a well-known name that is synonymous with quality.

There are various color options you can choose from such as brushed or polished chrome, black, and gold. You can also select from standard or vintage style, so there are plenty of options available.

The locking tuners offer left or right-handed configuration, and there are three long and three short-post tuning machines in total. The gear ratio is 18:1 and it offers dual guide pin mounting.

Bushings and washers are included with your purchase as is the mounting hardware. These locking tuners have five-star reviews from thousands of buyers. At the same time, they come at a reasonable price.

Verdict: An affordable option from a reputable name with the added bonus of affordable pricing.

Hipshot 6GLO Grip-Lock Locking Guitar Tuning Machines

2. Hipshot 6GLO Grip-Lock Tuner

This locking guitar tuning machine comes in several color options, which include black, chrome, and gold. It also comes with a universal mounting plate and a 3+3 headstock configuration.

If you are looking for style and quality, this is a great choice. The locking tuners have an 18:1 gear ratio and can help to ensure accurate tuning with its grip-lock design.

The cost of these guitar locking tuners is very reasonable given the quality of the product. There are hundreds of ratings from past purchasers, and the product has an excellent customer rating.

Some reviewers have mentioned how much easier and more accurate tuning is with these tuning pegs, so you can purchase with confidence.

Verdict: An affordable option that offers proven results and benefits.

Guyker 6Pcs Guitar Locking Tuner

3. Guyker Guitar Locking Tuners

This is a 6-piece guitar locking tuner set that comes with three left and three right-handed pegs.

Available in either black or chrome, it comes with all the hardware you need for mounting, and the tuner is suitable for both electric and acoustic guitars.

These are heavy-duty tuners that are robust and durable. The gear ratio is 1:21 and they come with a 45-degree fixing tag and hexagonal design.

These tuners are designed to provide players with the ability to benefit from finer tuning and greater tuning stability.

They come at a very affordable price, which makes them perfect for people on a budget. In addition, they have some very good reviews from past purchasers.

PRS Guitars SE Locking Tuner

4. PRS Guitar Locking Tuners

Last but not least in our list of best locking tuners.

This set of six locking tuners is simple to install and stylish in terms of design. They come in polished chrome and offer a great solution if you want to upgrade your existing tuners.

The vintage design of the tuners is attractive, and they come from a respected manufacturer.

Pricing for these tuners is higher than some of the other options, but many past purchasers have commented on the quality and effectiveness of the product.

The locking tuners have achieved excellent ratings, which means greater reassurance for those considering purchasing them.

How to Choose the Right Locking Tuners?

In order to find the ideal locking tuners for your instrument, you need to take a range of factors into consideration.

guitar tuner

By doing this, you can make your decision with far greater ease. Some of the factors you need to consider include:

The Cost of the Locking Tuners

One of the things you need to look at is the cost of the locking tuners, as this can vary based on the make, type, and where you buy from, among other things.

So, make sure you look at your budget and what you can afford to spend so you can focus on ones that are both suitable and affordable.

Configuration and Construction

You also need to look at the configuration and construction of the locking tuners to ensure they are suitable for you and your guitar.

Make sure you look at compatibility with your headstock before you make your purchase.

You want something that is simple and quick to install, so make sure you look at these vital factors.

Design and Quality

Design and quality are also vital when it comes to guitar locking tuners, so make sure you look at this before you make up your mind.

You can see the appearance and design from the images online. However, if you want to get a better idea of quality, look at reviews from other buyers.

Reviews from Others

Following on from the last point, make sure you check reviews from others who have purchased the same locking tuners before you make up your mind.

This will give you a far better idea of quality and effectiveness, so you can make a more informed decision.

People Also Ask…

What Is the Point of Locking Tuners?

Locking tuners are designed to make restringing quicker and easier due to less winding.

They can reduce the level of slippage and this helps to prevent your strings from loosening.

They have a mechanism that helps with this by locking the strings in place.

Can Locking Tuners Be Used on Acoustic Guitars?

Many people are unsure whether locking tuners can be used on acoustic guitars.

Well, the good news is that they can be, so you should always check this when you are looking for suitable locking tuners for your acoustic instrument.

Do Locking Tuners Affect Tone?

One other thing that people are curious about is whether locking tuners affect the tone of the guitar when playing.

Well, there may be a slight impact on the tone, but they do not make the sound from your guitar sound dull.

The Bottom Line

With a range of options available, you can easily find the ideal guitar locking tuners for your instrument.

However, make sure you look at key factors such as compatibility and configuration to make the right choice.

Also, don’t focus on price alone – take design, reviews, and quality into consideration when making your choice.

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