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Roland TD-1KV Review: A Great Kit For Beginners & Pros

Roland TD-1KV Review: A Great Kit For Beginners & Pros

The Ronald TD-1KV is a top quality electric drum kit which is highly recommended for beginners.

It’s also perfectly suitable as a pro-practice kit (if you have the cash!)

After you have set your eyes on this kit, you might think it is not worth your attention because it looks simple.

However, you should not be fooled by its appearance.

What you should know is that it is a very powerful kit, made with the care and quality materials that Roland are renowned for.

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Roland TD-1K Entry-level Electronic V-Drum Set

It comes with a snare pad which has a mesh head, one crash cymbal pad, three tom pads, one hi-hat pad, one ride cymbal pad, hi-hat pedal and a beater less kick pad.

This means it has everything you may need from a quality drum kit.

Would you like to learn more about it?

Let us now go through the features.

Design: Understated and classy

It can be very hard to use a drum which is not sturdy enough since it will keep moving as you play.

The best thing about this kit is that it has an advanced design as compared to the traditional rack like in other electronic drum kits.

This means it is powerful and the clamps are very easy to adjust.

You can easily adjust it to your preferred position which will be comfortable for you when playing.

Play-along Songs at the Ready

As you keep improving your skills as a drummer, you will encounter different types of music from various genres.

TD-1KV-V gives you 15 different songs which you can play.

It also features the most defining drum sounds which include jazz, rock and worlds music. In addition, it comes with fantastic sound kits which let you rock as you improve your drumming skills.

One of the best things about this kit is that it allows you to connect any MP3 player to play your favourite music as you continue learning.


This electronic drum kit comes with an in-built USB MIDI connection which enables you to connect it to an iPad/phone or a computer.

This means you can easily use the free Ronald apps which contain different songs which allows drummers from all parts of the world to compete to get the highest score.

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You can also access recording programs such as VST plug in or GarageBand.

Built-in Coach

On board, training functions enable you to learn more about drumming.

It contains ten training functions with different exercises which help you to improve your skills.

The tests include quiet count, and other tests which gauge your timing skills.

The scores are provided after you have done the test for accuracy which helps you to track your progress.

Upgradable: It grows with you!

Most of the instruments are a bit expensive, but everyone would wish to make a one-time investment in the best equipment.

Ronald understands this, and they know as you improve your knowledge, the number of pads you would wish to hit also increases.

Most drummers also prefer to use an acoustic bass drum pedal since it helps to improve accuracy when playing.

The best thing with TD-1KV pad is that you can easily upgrade to Ronald KD-9 model.

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This means that you can use your preferred bass drum pedal with this kit. If you are concerned about the noise, the KT-10 kick trigger gives an acoustic pedal feel and is 75% quieter.

On top of that, you can add an OP-TD1C cymbal to provide a second-class cymbal though it is optional.

Quiet Practising

Most of the electronic drum is very noisy depending on the price and the brand.

However, one the primary reason why most people prefer this drum kit is that it allows you to connect your headphones and enjoying playing without any noise.

Roland TD-1K Entry-level Electronic V-Drum Set

This is an important feature for beginners because you do not have to worry about making errors.

You can keep practicing until you nail it. This kit is not just a lack of acoustic drums with boomy shell and reverberant head.

It gives you a beater- less trigger pedal which removes the sound of a squeaky kick pedal.

Professional Features: Not just for beginners…

Another great feature of this electronic drum kit is that it is very quiet. It allows you to learn without disturbing your neighbours.

Isn’t that amazing?

Besides that, it is effortless to set up, and you can place it anywhere.

The compact size of this kit makes it suitable for music schools which are already full with other instruments since it does not take a lot of space.

If you are a drummer who is still in school, you can create space in your room where you can practice.

When you are using it in a studio, you can use the USB output to connect it to a computer.

This will give you access to a playable MIDI controller where you can get software sound modules. This also enables you to record directly into a DAW.


  • Features 15 different sounds
  • The mesh snare is very natural to play on
  • It is very easy to set up
  • Has a great sound
  • It has an inbuilt training program
  • It is small in size which makes it fit in small rooms


  • They are more expensive than other beginner kits
  • Limited customisability options – you might outgrow this quickly!
  • Drumsticks are not included in this kit which means you have to purchase them separately.

As a drummer, it is good to look for a good drum kit that suits your musical needs and style of play.

On top of that, you should look for something that can easily fit in your room.

Roland TD-1KV  is one of the best drums with those features.

It is also easy to set and use which makes it be a perfect choice for beginners who need a quality kit for practicing at home. In addition, it features 15 preset songs which are easy to play. All these features are what makes it be one of the most preferred kits today.