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Stereo Sound In Depth Plus 7 of the Best Stereo Systems

Stereo Sound In Depth Plus 7 of the Best Stereo Systems

Interested in learning more about stereo sound or adding a new sound system to your home? Stereo sound has been a standard for decades. It is one of the best ways to enjoy music or movies. Before buying a sound system, let’s learn all about stereo sound. 

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What Does Stereo Mean?

What is stereo? In simplest terms, stereo sound is the use of two audio channels to record and playback audio. Listening to audio in stereo produces a depth effect. It allows you to hear different sounds from each speaker. This can make it sound like the recording is coming from different places in your room. 

What Is the Difference Between Mono Sound vs. Stereo Sound?

We use one microphone to record a mono recording. When listening to a mono recording, you will hear the same thing come out of every speaker you have connected to your system. For example, left and right headphones will play the same sounds.

A stereo recording is recorded as a left and right channel. To listen to a stereo recording, you connect left and right channel speakers. Each speaker will play only the specified signal. Your left and right headphones can have distinct sounds sent to them. This can create space or trick your brain into thinking sounds are happening to the left or right. You can even record and play stereo sound through an iPhone, and stereo sound mP3 downloads are also available.

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Is Stereo Better Than Mono?

It depends. For movies and most home music listening, stereo recordings are much richer and will provide more enjoyment. Stereo sound can make you feel like you are in the middle of a concert arena or inside your favorite action movie.

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Mono sound still has plenty of use. Mono recording is still the best way to capture vocalist recordings. Most audiobooks, podcasts, YouTube shows, or television shows can be listened to in mono without losing sound quality. 

Our Top Picks for Home Stereo Sound

1. Affordable Sound Bar for Home Theater Sound

The Bestisan Soundbar Home Theater System is an affordable option. It features 3D surround sound that will produce enhanced sound for your favorite movies and television shows. 

This soundbar features three sound modes. Music mode improves sound quality while listening to music or TV shows. Dialogue mode will enhance and improve dialog. Movie mode is optimized to enhance soundtracks and film. 

  • The 28-inch soundbar features dual 3-inch stereo speakers.
  • Bluetooth connection eliminates messy wires.
  • Choose from three sound modes to enhance your experience.

2. LG Bluetooth Stereo Audio System

Are you looking for added bass from your audio system? The LG XBOOM audio system will meet your needs. This mini-shelf will keep any party dancing. Featuring 700 watts of power, you’ll have more than enough power to handle deep bass from your favorite songs or movies.

The Auto DJ feature on this system auto mixes tunes for you. This feature is perfect for any party and will keep your guests entertained all night.

  • 3 speaker, 700 watt sound system provides ample bass and highs.
  • CD, FM, USB, and Bluetooth connections let you play all types of music formats.
  • The Auto DJ feature will keep your party going all night long.
  • LG Sound Sync feature allows wireless connection to compatible LG HDTV products.

3. Sony Portable Bluetooth Stereo Sound System

Are you looking for a portable sound system? We found this Sony portable stereo sound system to provide amazing stereo sound. Mega Bass Reflex technology improves sound quality and loudness. This boombox features plenty of options for playback including FM/AM, CD, USB, and Bluetooth.

  • Mega Bass technology lets you feel the bass.
  • NFC one-touch Bluetooth connection makes connecting your phone easy.
  • USB recording option allows you to record your favorite CDs as MP3s to a flash drive.
  • Up to 26 hours of battery life will let you party all day and night.

4. Magnavox 3-Piece Shelf Stereo Sound System

If you’re looking for a shelf stereo sound system that has style, check this option. The blue-colored speaker lights will light up your party. This compact, 3-piece shelf system is perfect for any room. There are plenty of playback options from CD to Bluetooth.  

  • The two 15W speakers provide excellent sound clarity and quality.
  • CD, FM, USB, aux input, and Bluetooth allow you to play music in any format.
  • Blue LED display and speakers enhance your experience.
  • The Built-In equalizer lets you dial in the perfect sound levels.

5. Bose Wave Music System IV

Bose is known for making premium sound systems that come in compact packages. The Bose Wave Music System IV is no exception. Waveguide technology provides room-filling sound from a surprisingly compact system. This premium sound system is ideal for audiophiles that appreciate crystal clear sound that comes in a compact and elegant design.

Play music through CD, FM/AM, or aux input. Bluetooth and wireless network connections are supported through the optional Bluetooth adapter.

  • Waveguide technology delivers premium sound quality and clarity.
  • Onscreen text displays song name and musician.
  • Dual alarms make waking up in the morning easy.

6. Philips Compact Bluetooth Stereo System

This compact Bluetooth stereo system from Philips provides excellent sound quality. You’ll be streaming music wirelessly in no time to this dual amplifier stereo system. 

MAX Sound technology gives your music a boost. With the touch of a button your bass will be deeper and your highs crisper. This advanced technology will let you maximize volume levels while reducing distortion. 

  • Dual Amplifier and MAX Sound provide loud and clear playback without distortion.
  • MP3, USB, FM, CD, and Bluetooth connections for a variety of music options.

7. Soundbar and Subwoofer Surround Sound System

This soundbar and subwoofer combo is ideal for homeowners looking for a compact surround system for movies and television. The combination of 2 treble drivers and a 115W subwoofer will provide sound the envelops your room.

  • Crystal clear sound from two 2.75 inch drivers in the soundbar.
  • Deep bass is provided by a 115W subwoofer with a 5.25-inch driver.
  • Multiple connection options include Bluetooth, HMDI, aux input, optical, and USB.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right stereo sound system for your home might seem like a difficult task. We encourage everyone looking to upgrade their sound system to assess their needs and budget before purchasing a system. Do you want a system that fills the room with sound or are you looking for a compact, portable system? 

We hope our list of stereo sound systems can help you choose a system that will make listening to your favorite musicians or watching your favorite movies fun and enjoyable. 

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